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Katka Vavrová

Unique ceremony dresses by Slovak fashion designer Katka Vavrová capture the divine beauty of every single woman. A simple, sophisticated cut to pick up what we want to pick up and hide what we want to hide is the main feature of all of its designed evening dresses. The feeling of luxury and excellence will give you the 100% natural silk or the silk velvet with which she works most often. Goddess style, that’s how style is described by trendy fashion people.

Well, which of you would not want to look and feel like a goddess?

New collection

Unique ceremony dresses from Katka Vavrová fit perfectly into our offer of wedding and ceremony dresses. Each piece is unique. Those are dresses that look feminine while giving the woman a sense of divine beauty. It’s very easy to fall in love to her dresses. Visit us to check on your own these exquisite dresses. Book your appointment here.